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The number of US education institutions is so large that it is not possible to list down all US universities and colleges in a single page. As of 2019, the US population is 328.2 million (that’s roughly ten times more than Malaysia’s population of 31.95 million). As of the 2019-2020 school year, there are 3,982 colleges and universities in the US. We hope that this puts things into perspective in terms of the vastness of the US education landscape. Instead, we will help you to understand the types of education institutions available for tertiary education to help you make informed choices.

1. Public universities and colleges (or state universities/colleges)

Public universities and colleges in the US, also called ‘state universities’ and ‘state colleges’ receive public-sector funding through the state government. State universities are often part of a state university system, although this is not always the case.1 Every U.S. state has at least one public university to its name, and the largest states have more than thirty.2

2. Community colleges

Studying at a community college before transfering to a larger university has become a popular choice for international students in recent years.3 There are many benefits of starting at a US community college such as lower fees, smaller class sizes and one-on-one assistance. Many international students opt for enrolling in a community college before continuing the remaining two years (or more) of their degree at a US university.

3. Private non-profit universities

Private universities do tend to dominate the top of national (and international) rankings tables, but they do not have a complete monopoly. Leading public universities in the US, such as the University of Michigan and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) are held in equal esteem and are just as competitive when it comes to gaining admission.1

Fees at private universities tend to be higher than those at public universities and colleges.1 However, the fees become significantly lower once financial aid is factored in, and the most prestigious institutions tend to also have the largest budgets available for providing scholarships and other funding.1

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4. Liberal arts colleges

As its name suggests, liberal arts colleges focus on teaching undergraduate-level courses in liberal arts and sciences. Class sizes tend to be fairly small and its academic rigour is intense.

5. For-profit US universities and colleges

Unlike the other universities and colleges mentioned above, for-profits operate as business ventures, aiming to make money for their shareholders as well as providing a good education for their students.1

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