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Before deciding on the course that you would like to enrol in, you should understand the career progression of the course. Why? Imagine that you choose to study Construction Management, which may seem appealing from a student perspective – but the reality of being outdoors regularly in a tropical country like Malaysia may not be your dream job. Or imagine choosing Medicine as a course of study, but not knowing enough about what it’s like to be a medical doctor – you don’t want to quit when it’s too late.

MABECS Global education advisors have put together a few useful references that may help you understand your future career better. We must admit that it does not guarantee your future success, but it would help you to make a more discerning choice!

Read on to find where you belong:

1. “I have no idea which course I should study or what I’d like to work as”

If you’re completely clueless on what you want to study or what you’d like to work in the future, check out GetMyFuture, a very helpful portal that offers career, training and job search resources to young adults. The website is sponsored by the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. You can take a short, five-minute quiz that helps you explore potential careers that are suited to your interests.

2. “I have decided on some courses I am interested in”

Now that you have decided on some courses that you are interested in, your next step is a lot more straightforward. If you are considering a career in the US after your graduation, check out CareerOneStop which is also sponsored by the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. CareerOneStop helps you set career goals, discover career clusters, understand career profiles, and also compare occupations.

Other helpful websites include LearnHowtoBecome, which gives you detailed information from the American perspective on, for example, how to become a writer, including what a writer does, expected qualifications, career paths, salary range, and how the different academic programmes for writers compare.

If you can’t find the answer you need through this article, please speak to a MABECS Global education advisor via our contact details below. A personalised recommendation with an education advisor is always better!

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