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Before deciding on the course that you would like to enrol in, you should understand the career progression of the course. Why? Imagine that you choose to study Construction Management, which may seem appealing from a student perspective – but the reality of being outdoors regularly in a tropical country like Malaysia may not be your dream job. Or imagine choosing Medicine as a course of study, but not knowing enough about what it’s like to be a medical doctor – you don’t want to quit when it’s too late. MABECS Global education advisors have put together a few useful references that may help you understand your future career better. We must admit that it does not guarantee your future success, but it would help you to make a more discerning choice!

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1. “I have no idea which course I should study or what I’d like to work as”

If you’re completely clueless on what you want to work as in the future, CareerQuest is a good place to start. CareerQuest is a portal created by the New Zealand Government’s Tertiary Education Commission. When you take the quiz, it asks you 78 questions to understand your areas of interest. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. After completing the quiz, CareerQuest provides personalised job recommendations based on your quiz answers. You can later click on these job recommendations to understand the job descriptions, what is required on the job, and more. It is extremely useful!

Of course, we wrote the above with the assumption that what you study will be what you’d like to pursue as a career. If you’re going to focus purely on studying first, here are some useful links on courses in demand in New Zealand and critical occupations list in Malaysia. For Malaysia, the critical courses in demand based on the study by TalentCorp in 2019/2020 are Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Agriculture, Actuarial Science, Chemistry, Occupational Safety and Health, Graphic and Multimedia Design, Medicine, as well as Logistics and Supply Chain.

2. “I have decided on some courses I am interested in”

Now that you have decided, your next step is a lot more straightforward. If you are considering a career in New Zealand after your graduation, you may look at Job Profiles, created by the NZ Government’s Tertiary Education Commission. You will find over 400 job profiles that you can study carefully. It includes information on the job’s demand, how to enter the job, salary range, training required, skills and knowledge required – read till the end to find the bonus interview with a real person of the same job title (with video!).

Do take note that this is in the context of being employed in New Zealand, and you may need to adjust salary expectations in Malaysia. Here are some examples of job profiles for a UX Designer and Mechanical Engineer.

If you can’t find the answer you need through this article, please speak to a MABECS Global education advisor via our contact details below. A personalised recommendation with an education advisor is always better!

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