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Well, where do we start comparing? First of all, the education system is different for these countries. In the UK, students will be completing a Bachelor’s Degree with honours once they finish three years of studies in general subjects. Whereas in New Zealand and Australia, students would complete the Bachelor’s Degree in three years, and they have to complete an additional one year research-based study to gain the honours title. The difference between honours degrees and non-honours degrees: the honours degree implies a higher level of achievement than a non-honours degree, because only academically excellent students are invited to go for the additional one-year honours degree in Australia and New Zealand.

As for the ranking of Australia and New Zealand universities, here are some benchmarks:

Another way to compare these countries can be their tuition fees and living expenses. The cheaper options can be New Zealand or the UK, but this still depends on which universities you end up choosing. For example, using London as a benchmark cost for living in the UK would not be a good representative of other parts of the UK where the cost of living is much lower. The most expensive option among Australia, New Zealand and the UK would be Australia. The following table displays some estimates:

Tuition fees (per year) Living expenses (per year) Total Total in RM (per year)
UK GBP£15K – 25K GBP£7K – 9K GBP£20K – 27K RM111K – 150K
NZ NZ$22K – 36K NZ$20K – 25K NZ$42K – 61K RM115K – 164K
AUS AUD$25K – 38K AUD$17K – 21K AUD$42K – 59K RM120K – 169K

With views like these, how could you study abroad anywhere else?

New Zealand

Besides all these, New Zealand is suitable for students who prefer serenity and a peaceful study environment.

From a 2019 research conducted by MABECS Global, some students choose to study in Australia or New Zealand because they have family or relatives who have settled down in these countries. These students themselves would also have the intention to settle down in Australia or New Zealand upon graduation. If this sounds like you, then you may want to take into account the best destination for your future career options, or whether you have family members in any of these countries.

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