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It can be unsettling when you consider studying overseas, especially when it comes to finances. Money issues are real, and we hope to help make that a little easier by helping you keep up with the average fees and costs you could be spending on.

Tuition fees in Switzerland

According to Prospects, the UK’s biggest graduate careers website, “when compared with EU countries, Swiss tuition fees are relatively low. However, at some institutions international students are charged higher rates than Swiss nationals.
“Private universities will charge higher fees than public institutions. Study in Switzerland estimates that a Masters degree will cost between CHF 3,000 (£2,563) and CHF 13,000 (£11,130). The most well-known public universities will charge less than CHF 1,000 depending on the course.”1

Tuition fees at higher education institutions in Switzerland may vary, depending on your nationality, program, or level of study. The average overall cost for a Bachelor’s Degree in Switzerland sits around CHF 18,500 for the entire program, which is roughly RM83,087 at the time of writing. Depending on your institution, however, that number can range from as low as CHF 5000 (~RM22,528) up to CHF 24,000 (~RM108,135). Fees for Master’s degrees in Switzerland can also vary greatly from general Masters of Arts to MBAs.2

Glion and Les Roches tuition fees

If you’re interested in pursuing your studies in hospitality management, here are the fees of top hospitality schools Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches Global Hospitality Education which we work closely with. To find out about the fees of other universities and institutions in Switzerland, do contact a MABECS Global education advisor directly.

Other one-off costs

Although tuition fees make up the bulk of costs involved in studying abroad, other one-off costs can amount to quite a lot if not considered together. Here is a breakdown of other one-off costs, according to Studying in Switzerland website.

Admission Costs
Consider registration fee, examination fee, semester fee, fee for social and cultural institutions, university sports, use of the library, the fee for the student association, etc.. These are, however, sometimes included in the tuition fee.3

Application fees
CHF 50 to 250 (RM224 to RM1120) depending on the University.3

Examination fees
Academic entrance examinations cost anywhere from CHF 100 to 800 (RM448 to RM3,584) per exam.3

Language test fees
If English is not your mother tongue, nor was it the language of your past studies, you may need to sit for English tests such as the GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, which can cost CHF 170 to 250 (RM762 to RM1,120). That applies to other languages, too, be it German, French, or German.3

Other fees
Up to CHF 30 (RM134) in contribution to the sports facilities, around CHF 10 (RM44) in contribution to the social fund, and such contributions for the scholarship fund and student union.3

Meal CHF 25 or ~RM112
Coffee CHF 4.50 or ~RM20
Beer CHF 7 or ~RM31
Cinema ticket CHF 18 or ~RM80
Monthly rent CHF 1,455 or ~RM6,515
Monthly transport CHF 77 or ~RM345

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