How to apply to a US university

How to apply?

Applications are submitted directly to each university via the university’s own website.

Applying to a US university is known to be a complex process, so applying via MABECS Global guarantees that you will receive professional assistance in your application process from consultation, to admission application, to visa application, accommodation, flights, and more. This process can start as soon as today by contacting a MABECS Global education advisor. Our service is free of charge.

The first step in applying to study in the US is to understand the three ways you can be enrolled into a US university:

1. American Degree Program (ADP) and American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP)

Students can typically enrol into ADP and ADTP using their SPM, O Level and UEC results.

An ADP is a 4+0 program where you complete an American degree locally without transferring physically to a US university. Basically, you get to experience American curriculum without the costly fees.

An ADTP is a 1+3 or 2+2 twinning programme that allows you the flexibility to spend some years locally before transferring to the US to complete your American degree.

2. Pathway programmes

Pathway programmes are for students who want to start their tertiary education right away in the US without spending time in Malaysia. This is possible by enrolling through the pathway providers below. After completing a year at any of the college(s) below, you can then apply to a US university to be enrolled directly into the first year of your Bachelor’s degree. The following are the list of pathway providers we would recommend:

    1. Kings Education
      • Students can choose to study in one of their colleges – California State University Fullerton, University of Wisconsin, Fisher College or College of Mount Saint Vincent.
      • Upon the completion of a year in one of these colleges, students will be able to transfer to one of the top US universities e.g. UCLA, UC Berkeley, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University and more.
    2. INTO
      • INTO provides the pathway into Colorado State University, Drew University, George Mason University, Hofstra University, Illinois State University, Oregon State University, Saint Louis University, Suffolk University, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, The University of Arizona, The University of Arizona Global, and the University of South Florida.
    3. Navitas
      • UMass Boston, Richard Bland College of William & Mary & Queens College
    4. Kaplan International Pathways
      • Kaplan provides the pathway into Arizona State University, Pace University, Simmons University, The University of Connecticut, The University of Tulsa and Northeastern University.
    5. StudyGroup
      • StudyGroup provides the pathway into Baylor University, DePaul University, University of Hartford, James Madison University, Lipscomb University, Long Island University, Texas A&M University and Western Washington University.
      • ONCAMPUS provides the pathway into University of Cincinnati, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Albany, Florida Institute of Technology, Elon University, University of Massachusetts Lowell and California College of the Arts.
    7. Shorelight
      • Shorelight provides the pathway into Adelphi University, American University, Auburn University, Auburn University at Montgomery, Cleveland State University, Gonzaga University, Florida International University, Louisiana State University, University of Central Florida, University of Dayton, University of Kansas, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Massachusetts Boston, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Mississippi, University of South Carolina, University of the Pacific, University of Utah, American Collegiate LA, American Collegiate DC, American Collegiate Live and University of California-Berkeley.

3. A Levels

Most people who plan to study in the US would not typically enrol in an A levels programme as A levels is not widely accepted in US universities to exempt yourself from an entire academic year (pre-university/foundation).

There are, however, some universities that will accept A levels results as an equivalent to two semester credits or less, depending on your A levels grades as well. In short, a transfer is possible from A levels to a US university, but it usually means starting at college level again before entering your desired university – which means more years spent in studying. To find out more, speak to a MABECS Global education advisor today.

Once you have decided which path you would like to take to enrol into your American degree, you can start applying to the respective programmes. MABECS Global education advisors can help you find the right programme for you as we have over 30 years of experience as education specialists. Talk to us today to find out more.

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