Guide to applying for a student visa


The application for your New Zealand student visa is typically done online at the Immigration New Zealand website.

The student visa requirements include:

  1. An offer of place from an educational institution approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  2. A written guarantee from an institution or person that suitable accommodation is available to you in New Zealand (if you’re under 18 years)
  3. Evidence of sufficient funds to live on while you are studying
  4. A return air ticket to your country, or evidence of sufficient funds to buy one.1

If you’re over 17 and intending to be in New Zealand for over two years, you’ll need to provide a police certificate to show that you are of good character.1

If you’re studying a short course that’s less than three months, you don’t need a student visa: just a visitor visa.1

Here is a helpful list of criteria to apply for your student visa from Immigration New Zealand’s website once you are ready to apply.

Immigration New Zealand has also put together a comprehensive student visa application checklist if you are applying for the first time.

The information and application process can be quite a lengthy and complex one, so we recommend that you contact an experienced MABECS Global education advisor and let us guide you through the process for free.

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