Apply for police certificate of good conduct

Police certificate

If you are applying for the New Zealand student visa and plan to study in New Zealand for more than two years, you need to apply for the police certificate of good conduct or Sijil Kelakuan Baik (SKB) in Bahasa Malaysia.

About police certificates

Police certificates are official documents issued by the police or a government agency. Based on official records and checks, they provide information about any criminal record you have.1

You must provide police certificates if you are:

  • 17 years or older, and
  • planning to stay for more than 24 months — this includes any time you have already spent in New Zealand.1

Provide police certificates from any country you:

  • are a citizen of, and
  • have lived in for more than 5 years since you turned 17.1

How to apply online for police certificate in Malaysia

  1. Only online applications are available. You are not allowed to walk into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office to apply.
  2. To apply for a police Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) online, please visit this link from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia:
  3. Select ‘First time login? Click here’ at the bottom of the page to register a new account.
  4. After registering, login to your account, complete the online application and select ‘Submit’.
  5. Print the ‘Application Acknowledgement Slip’, and keep it for your reference and future collection.
  6. It takes one to two months for the CGC application to be completed. To check the status of your application, login to your account via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs link earlier and select ‘Check Status/Update Details’.
  7. Once your CGC is ready for collection, the status will be updated to ‘CERTIFICATE IS READY FOR COLLECTION’.Please bring the following for collection:
    1. Application Acknowledgement Slip (from Step 4)
    2. RM20 (cash only)
    3. Letter of Authorisation for collection on behalf of applicants
  8. Address for collection:
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wisma Putra, Consular Division
    No. 1, Jalan Wisma Putra Precinct 2, 62602 PUTRAJAYA
  9. You may choose either to collect your CGC at the Consular Service Counter or to receive the CGC via postal service.3

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