How to apply to a Switzerland university

How to apply?

Applying to an Switzerland university is very direct and simple, but before you apply, it’s best to arrange with a MABECS Global education advisor for a counselling session.

Applications are submitted directly to each university via the university’s own website or via paper application.

Applying via MABECS Global also means that you will be assisted in your application process from consultation, to admission application, to visa application, accommodation, flights, and more. This process can start as soon as today by contacting a MABECS Global education advisor.

Here’s a summary of steps once you are ready to apply to the university of your choice:

1. Choose your university and course.

2. Prepare documents

Prepare supporting documents such as education transcripts and certificates (where relevant), English language qualifications, essay, academic reference letter, and a copy of your passport. You may be asked to provide certified copies of the above.

3. Submit application

Submit your application to the university via MABECS Global. Do take note that institutions in Switzerland would charge around CHF 275 (~RM1,231) for application fees (Glion and Les Roches).

4. Receive offer

Receive an offer from the university once you have met all academic offer conditions. If your results are pending, you may apply with forecast results and receive a conditional offer letter.

5. Pay deposit

Pay fee deposit via telegraphic transfer to secure the offer. This is part of MABECS Global’s assistance as well.

6. Apply VISA

Apply for your student visa when all academic and non-academic offer conditions have been satisfied. MABECS Global education advisors will provide you with advice and assistance on this.

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