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Our journey to global

It began with MABECS

In 1985, our founders David and Carmen Guard saw the need for Malaysian students to be given full information on degree possibilities before embarking on their studies in the UK.

A Cambridge graduate himself, David was the Project Director at the Centre for British Teachers in Malaysia in 1979. With a team of education advisors who possess an average of 10 years’ experience each, MABECS remains the most experienced UK education counselling service in Malaysia.

UK Degree Applications Made Easy.






Working with education institutions in Malaysia, MABECS has counselled thousands of Malaysians and helped them to find the most suitable courses and universities to further their studies.

MABECS education advisers have all been educated in the UK, and so are able to give first-hand information on life, study and work in Britain.

MABECS has a strong student-centered approach to counselling, and this means that we give students the fullest possible information on all available options, to help them make sensible decisions. For more information on MABECS, visit here.

Then came MABECS Global

MABECS Global is a new subsidiary of MABECS, and aims to offer the same level of professional service to students who are interested in pursuing an overseas education other than the United Kingdom. Countries that we are currently serving include Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

We aim to provide opportunities for students across both further education and higher education institutions.

Study Abroad Made Easy.






MABECS Global is a private company that offers Malaysians free advisory service covering pre-university, vocational, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional training opportunities available in our partner institutions across the globe.

For colleges, universities and academic institutions, MABECS Global offers an opportunity to promote your courses, enhance your recruitment capabilities in Malaysia, and widen your institution’s discoverability by students.

Meet the team Hello!

MABECS Global is a proud team of experienced education advisers and professionals in the education industry, with an average experience of over 10 years in student counselling among the team members.

Maha Mahyuddin Head of Counselling
Jennifer Tang Yii Ting Education Adviser
Vincent Kwang Yun Sheng Education Adviser
Esther Wong Siew Ong Education Adviser
Devina Sivagurunathan Executive Director

Let's get in touch

MABECS Global is happy to assist you if you need more information in choosing your university or course.